Empties | April 2017


It’s the beginning of May (yes, the beginning, not the middle, which is usually when I finally get round to uploading my empties – impressed?) so that means it’s time for another instalment of us going through my rubbish together. Wooohoo – trash!



I really enjoyed using the Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser Anti Blemish Blackcurrant & Goji Berry – which is more than can be said for typing the name of the product out, sheesh – it was a lightweight, easily absorbed, hydrating everyday moisturiser that smelled really fresh and fruity. I can’t attest to the ‘anti-blemish’ properties – I’m pretty sure pure oxygen exacerbates my acne, never mind this – but I definitely would use it again!

The Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturising Creme was fantastic as well – I could tell it was high end as soon as I applied it. It really did a great job at hydrating my skin without feeling at all greasy, and the formula was really soft and unlike any moisturiser I have ever tried. I’d tell you I’d buy it – but that would probably be a lie, as it’s £25 a tub, and god knows I can’t see myself spending £25 on a moisturiser. #cheapskate4lyf 

Another great smelling product was the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Brightening Serum. This did help a little to brighten my skin, although it wasn’t life-changing – it more just helped to hydrate and I really liked the refreshing (if a little artificial) scent.

Finally I finished a mini size of the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X Essential – this is a watery essence to be applied after a toner but before any other serums. I really enjoyed this – it smelt unusual, kind of spicy and sweet, and was super watery, but absorbed really easily into the skin. I love that a lot of Korean and Japanese skincare products are readily available in sample sizes, because you can try them without committing to a full size – and having tried this, I would definitely spring for a full size one!


The Bombee Honey Mask is still a favourite – a super silky, hydrating mask that stays damp a long time, has a great fit, and stays firmly on your face. I’ve found that sheet masks with honey in are my favourite usually – and I need more of these!

I want to love the Dr Jart+ Clearing Solution Sheet Masks, but I’m not sure they do much for my acne. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a good mask, but are they worth the price? I’m not sure. I’ve got a few left to use though, so maybe I’ll form a stronger opinion.

The SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask had little flakes of gold all over it – luxurious! It actually did a great job of hydrating – I totally forgot to apply any more layers of product afterwards but my skin still felt plump and soft hours later when I sat down to do my night routine. I got this from TK Max for £1.99 so I’m unsure of the RRP, but I would pick this up again.



I finished the last few dregs of the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Normal To Oily Foundation – I’m shade 115. This is a nice foundation if you want decent coverage but a light feeling on the skin! The formula is quite runny and watery, so I found it applied best with a sponge, and if you take the time to build it up, you can get a medium coverage with this. I did find it didn’t lasted as well as some of my other foundations though – and my base needs to hold up to oil, air con and sweat for a solid 10 hours to get me through a work day. For that reason, coupled with the light-medium coverage, I probably wouldn’t repurchase in the near future… Also, there’s too many others I want to try!

The Bobbi Brown Creamy Eyebrow Pencil in Shade 3 was a project pan item and I’m tossing it because it’s got to the stage where I can’t sharpen it any more. The formula was the perfect mix of dry and creamy to get natural-looking brows – something I usually struggle with when using a pencil. The colour was also quite neutral and taupey which I found really suited my brows, especially when I wanted a softer look. I might repurchase if I ever found myself in the market for another brow pencil!

Lastly I finished two sample size mascaras – these surprised me by lasting a very long time! The Chanel Dimensions De Chanel Mascara was bomb – it gave me perfectly defined, long black lashes with no clumps, though there was a little tiny bit of smudging under my eyes later in the day. The MAC False Lashes Extreme Black gave a similar fanned-out effect, only with a lot more smudging. This meant I couldn’t use either on my lower lashes – so I wouldn’t buy either of them as I’m on the hunt for a mascara that doesn’t leave me with panda eyes. Also – mega expensive for something I’m not meant to keep for longer than 3 months!



I’m making progress on my quest to use up all my body lotions!

The Soap and Glory Smoothie Star was a nice one that I finished towards the very beginning of the month – it’s whipped, so slightly lighter than a regular body butter, and did a good job of moisturising my legs. Having finished all these minis from my stash, I now need to pop into Boots and sniff them all to decide which scent is my favourite before purchasing!

Having read the directions on the Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, I discovered it was meant to be applied in the shower and rinsed off – like a hair conditioner, I suppose. I dutifully followed the instructions, but have to say I’m not a fan of this. It wasn’t horrible, but I wasn’t enthused by the scent (guess I don’t like rose?) and didn’t enjoy the slightly squeaky feeling it left on my skin after use. That’s a regular complaint from me with shower products though, so if you like roses and feeling squeaky clean, you’ll probably love this!


One shower product I was a fan of though, was the Espa Exfoliating Body Polish – a refreshing peppermint scent just like the matching lotion that showed up in last month’s empties, plus the perfect level of scrubby bits that removed the dead skin without leaving me all squeaky and weird! This bottle had enough for 2 uses (I tend to do about 2/3rds of my body. Don’t ask why) and I’m sad it’s all gone!

I also finished one of my collection of bottles of Ghost Eau De Toilette. For some reason I have about 4 of these! It’s a good everyday light musky scent, and has been a long time favourite, but doesn’t last that well on me. Good to get another perfume out of my collection!



I had a sniff of this sample of Lacoste Eau De Toilette Pour Elle – and rubbed it on my wrists as directed by the helpful diagram – and while it did smell nice on application, I totally forgot I was wearing it until 3 days later. By which time it had worn off, obviously. Either that means I’m really scatty (debateable) or it just wasn’t a scent that lasted on me whatsoever – I’m thinking the latter.

Don’t even get me started on the TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream. I didn’t realise that ‘white magic’ meant it would just make my face totally white… Like, fully all-over Casper pale. I’m not tan by any description, but this was just ridiculous. I thought it would absorb, but no, it just looked like I had suncream on that I hadn’t rubbed in properly. I had to massage in a load of facial oil to dissolve the white cast – I’d already done a load of steps in my routine and didn’t want to start over again! Definitely give this one a miss.



My final big bottle of B Makeup Brush Cleanser bit the dust, and I’m very sad about it. This huge 250ml bottle was only £3 and came in a Christmas gift set with a free muslin cloth, so in a not at all inappropriate reaction, I bought five at the beginning of January. Sadly they’re all gone now and I won’t be paying £4 for the 125ml bottles – time to find a new fave!

With considerable help from my boyfriend (he goes through shampoo very fast. I think he eats it) I finished a bottle of the Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo The Strength Restorer with Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey. This was lovely and my hair liked it, but I don’t have too much to say about it that I haven’t already said about others from the line in previous empties – it’s shampoo! It cleaned my hair!

Lastly we finished a bottle of Carex Cola Bottles Handwash – this was in our kitchen and is one of my favourites. I’ve bought many bottles of this and will continue to do so, as it smells exactly like fizzy cola bottles, and for some reason I can’t resist any product that smells uncannily like food but isn’t at all edible. I’ve already replaced this with a bottle of Carex Chocolate Orange Handwash – because it’s completely, totally normal to have several backups of your favourite soaps.

Wax Melts

No candle empties this month – just tons of wax melts instead.


I used up two melts from Dolly’s Candles this month – Fig and Cassis was super strong with a great throw, but unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of the scent. If you love your house to smell really clean (not like a bakery like I do) you’ll probably really enjoy this. I also used up the last of the Rum Ripened Raisin Wax Bar – I scored another one in a restock so felt I could finish this off. This is a lovely warming, spicy scent reminiscent of rum raisin ice cream – click here for a more in-depth review I posted on my Instagram.

I also melted some more gummy bears from Cupcake Chasm – this time in Raspberry and Fig Cake and Sherbert Lemon. These were nice, but not as strong as Red Velvet Cake or Key Lime Pie, which are my favourites from her. I’ve tried some of her brittles now and I find they have a much better throw – she doesn’t make these gummy bears any more but her new products, including clamshells, brittles and shot pots, work much better for me (yay!)


I was trying to use up half-finished packs this month to make space for new orders, so I ended up finishing off three lots of melts from The Scented Wax Boutique.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey is a very soft, calming scent – if you like baby powder type scents you will enjoy this. It was nice, with a good throw, but I wouldn’t buy this scent family again as it’s not to my taste.

Mulled Cider was a spicy, tangy alcoholic scent that smelt very much like mulled cider or wine! It would be a great one to melt around Christmas time and it had a really strong throw.

My favourite of the bunch was Sparkling Limoncello – a really fresh lemony scent that makes your house smell spotless and sparkling clean. My house is never either of these things, so I appreciate that I can melt this and pretend! This is supposedly a dupe for a Bath & Body Works scent – this brand isn’t readily available in the UK, but I will be buying more of these for sure, as it’s a scent that has stuck with me long after finishing the melts!

Total empties: 27

Could be better! I’m pleased to be making progress on my perfume and body lotions, but I’ll need to work hard next month if I’m going to be on target for 365 empties for the year.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to read more mini reviews, check out my previous empties posts here

6 thoughts on “Empties | April 2017

  1. stashy says:

    I have a bottle of Good Things micellar water in my stash – haven’t used it yet but it does smell good.
    I’ve been curious about that Superfacialist Vitamin C Serum! I use their cleansing oil which I love. Too bad the serum didn’t do much.
    The SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask sounds fancy! What does gold flakes do for the skin, really?
    I’m similar to you on foundations – there are always new ones to try!
    Yeah the LUSH body conditioners and smoothies seem like a waste of time (and money!)
    What is the point of the onyMoly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream anyway? I’ll stay away from this…
    Wow you used up a ton of wax melts! I think I mentioned to you before but I received a wax warmer (Scentsy) for Christmas TWO YEARS AGO. And it remains unused still. 😛
    Great job on all the empties! I feel like we’re partners in crime. 😉


    • metababycow says:

      I’ve had a few things from Good Things and they’ve all smelled great!
      I’m not sure what gold flakes really do other than get stuck to your face if I’m honest 😂
      I think I’ve only repurchased one foundation in the last few years – I’m too excited to try new things!
      I’m so glad you agree with me about the LUSH body conditioners!
      I can’t believe you haven’t used your wax warmer! Haha I love mine but it’s very disappointing when you melt something for it not to smell of anything 😢
      Hehe I feel like we’re partners in crime too! Crimes against finishing beauty products anyway 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sal UmmBaby says:

    Could do better? Wow, you have so many amazing empties here…so well done! I need that Papa Recipe Honey Bomb mask in my life. It sounds incredible and I love honey in skincare. Also, I agree about the SuperFacialist Glow Serum – It’s not doing much for me though I enjoy the scent and texture of it. And yes, omg mascara samples are the best because they last for ages and ages haha! xxx


    • metababycow says:

      Haha I’m so hard on myself! I think I will have more next month. You need to try the Honey Bomb sheet mask! I’m glad it’s not just me disappointed in that serum. Yay for mascara samples – I can’t believe how long they last xxx


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