Swatch Stencils

Seen some perfect swatches on my site or my Instagram?

Well – those are thanks to my Swatch Perfect stencils.

I started Swatch Perfect in September 2017 because I was frustrated with the lack of available makeup swatch stencils in the UK (and indeed, the world) – I wanted my swatches to look super slick and professional, but there was nothing out there that fulfilled my needs!

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to found my own company – all the stencils are still designed by me, and I do all the copywriting, web design, photography, social media, and fulfilment. I am also very lucky to have my boyfriend in charge of manufacturing and stock control!

Almost 3 years, 1000s of orders, 6 continents and over 300 unique designs later, I never dreamed we’d have ended up here!

And it’s a lot of work! But it’s taught me a lot, and I love having my own business – I’m a marketer by trade, but it’s amazing to oversee and mastermind the whole process, from sourcing and product design all the way to chatting to the end user via Instagram DMs. Seeing people create art they love every day using a product I made is genuinely magical, and I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world!

One of the first ever Swatch Perfect snaps. Oh, how times have changed.

I really appreciate everyone who has supported and continues to support me – whether you’ve purchased, retweeted, or linked to me in a blog post, know that I’m forever grateful!

Wanna grab your own stencils?

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