Empties | March 2017

Happy April – spring is upon us!

That means one thing – it’s time to go through my trash from March…

soacial-post (2)



Two primers bit the dust this month – the Primark PS…PRO Miracle Primer has a similar consistency to Benefit Porefessional. I really enjoyed using this under foundation and it helped to smooth out my pores ready for the rest of my makeup. For Β£5, it’s a great product! I often used it in combination with the Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base for a bit of extra hydration – the glycerin in it really helps your makeup to stick to your face. It sprays a fine mist (no squirting here) that settles gently on your skin. A great alternative to the Smashbox Priming Water!

This Collection Divine Lash also dried out on me – a shame actually as it was a great mascara that I really enjoyed, but it didn’t last very long. The waterproof formula stayed in place all day with no flaking or smudging – I’d get this again if it’s still available, and it was most definitely worth the Β£1 I paid for it in Poundworld!

Does perfume count as makeup? Not really, but I’m including it here anyway. This tiny bottle of H2O got me through quite a few uses, but now it’s gone I can’t really recall what it smelt like. Oh well – another bottle out of my perfume stash!


makeup-empties (4)

Some real favourites here – the Nivea Gentle Caring Micellar Water is a firm favourite, and I generally have at least one backup in my skincare drawer. It has a multitude of uses – a gentle cleanse to refresh my skin early in the morning, cleaning up eyeliner mistakes, and removing makeup when I can’t be bothered with the whole oil-cleansing thing. A classic staple I hate to be without!

It was my first time using the ESPA Hydrating Floral SpaFresh Toner and it made a lasting impression on me. I loved the classy frosted glass bottle and the heavy marble-effect cap – such a luxurious addition to my makeup table! It helped to inject a bit of extra moisture in my skin while helping to soothe my (usually angry) skin – I even noticed a reduction in redness after use. Would possibly buy again, but I have a feeling it’s rather expensive…

Lastly is The Body Shop Unperfumed Elderflower Eye Gel – I’ve recently decided that this is my all-time favourite eye product. I’ve got quite sensitive eyes and I can gloop this right in there with no problem! It’s super hydrating and really refreshing to apply, and I will definitely grab another one (or 5) next time I take a trip to The Body Shop!


I only used 3 face masks this month – I’ve clearly been slacking!

Two more Innisfree masks bit the dust – I’ve really been enjoying these and reaching for them over others! They’re a great affordable option, although I can’t tell the difference between them. This month’s picks were Bamboo and Kiwi – both lovely!

Lastly I used a Montagne Jeunesse Face Tonic – I’ve not seen these around before but I spotted them in Poundworld so thought I’d give it a go. It smelled very orangey but wasn’t very damp, and the cloth was a lot more scratchy than I’m used to – especially compared to the Innisfree masks. It did last quite well on my face and did a good job at hydrating, but the scratchiness ruined it a bit for me.

makeup-empties (1)

Two staples in my monthly empties – and regular repurchases – the Primark Oval Cosmetic Pads and Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Toothpaste. Both cheap, cheerful and do the job just fine!


makeup-empties (2)

My project lotions is going well – I’m saying sayonara to some more body lotions πŸ‘‹ The I Love… Winter Berries Nourishing Body Butter smelled just like parma violets and I’m a little sad this pack of 4 is gone now. They were lovely! I also finished a mini of The Body Shop White Musk Body Lotion, which came in a gift set a couple of years ago! I really like the scent of this – it’s a long time favourite, and the formula was easily absorbed. A surprisingly luxurious product which I’d probably buy again.

I also finished a Nivea Caring Shower Cream Indulgent Moisture in Orange. I really love these – they make my skin feel super soft (and not that horrible squeaky clean feeling I hate) and I usually have at least one backup. I actually recently won one of their new shower creams in an Instagram giveaway – so I’m looking forward to trying that next!



The Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo with Vanilla Milk & Papaya is my second favourite scent from the line, and I will be definitely buying this again. I did enjoy the fresh Blueberry scent of the YesTo Blueberries Frizzy Hair Smooth & Shine Conditioner – but the effects didn’t impress me enough to go out of my way to try it again. I won it in an Instagram giveaway originally so it was nice to try!

I also finished this whopping 400ml can of VO5 High Volume Hairspray. I use a bit of hairspray most days – my go-to work styles are high buns and ponytails – and have no complaints about this one. It kept my hair in place and brushed out easily – I would buy it again!



I burned through two little jar candles this month – I’m making good progress on my wax stash, partly due to a self-enforced no-buy for lent.

I was super excited to find a Krispy Creme Cinnamon Apple Filled Donut Scented Candle – if you hadn’t guessed by now, bakery and general food scents are my favourite! Unfortunately, it had no throw at all. The cold sniff was okay but when I lit it? Nothing. Nada. Super disappointed and hoping the other one I bought (Original Glazed Donut) actually smells…

Fortunately, the Air Wick Essential Oils Spiced Orange and Cinnamon Candle smelt much stronger. It was a standard orangey cinnamon scent – perfectly pleasant – and had a better throw than their regular line of candles. I’ve got really into soy wax and independent vendors now though, so I probably won’t seek these out again (unless they came out with one of my ultimate scents… Gingerbread or Red Velvet Cake? Yes please!)

@metababycow (4)

I also burned two Yankee Candle Votives from my Christmas gift sets this month. Star Anise & Orange was a spiced orange scent with a strong note of aniseed. It was pretty nice but not something I’d get again. Macaron Treats on the other hand was one of the best scents I burned this month! A sweet bakery-type scent that I found uplifiting, soothing and delicious all at once. This was limited edition from Christmas though, so I’ll be bulk-buying them in a panic before they disappear forever…

Wax Melts


I was clearly a busy bee with my melt bags this month! 

My favourites from Millie’s Melts were Fizzies – an amazing fresh scent that smells exactly like refreshers, and was perfect for a Saturday I spent clearing out crap from my house – and Fizzy Cola, which smelt like fizzy cola bottles. I’d definitely get these again – in bigger sizes! Christmas Eve was OK but didn’t wow me – that’s the problem with ordering online, it’s hard to tell if you’ll like the scent! I’m pleased she offers small tarts so you can try a scent without committing to a large pack.

Baked Apple Pie from The Scented Wax Boutique was a lovely apple scent with a buttery flaky crust mixed in – great throw too, made me hungry!

I was so impressed with Red Velvet Cake from Cupcake Chasm – this was a freebie she popped in my parcel and I feel like she totally got my taste! It was a gorgeous scent I will definitely buy again – as was Key Lime Pie. They were both multi-layered scents that smelt exactly like their descriptions. Looking forward to her shop reopening so I can stock up!

@metababycow (5)

Lastly I melted two melts from Emily Victoria Candles – as with all the others from her, these were very nice! Gingerbread was my favourite of these – if I could only melt once scent for the rest of my life, I’d probably pick gingerbread, and this was a lovely one. Apple Strudel was very nice as well, and smelled exactly like apple strudel. You know what you’re getting with these melts – they smell exactly as described, which is fab! I think they smelled stronger when I first got them though so I wouldn’t recommend leaving them to cure for too long.

March total: 30 items

It’s not quite my goal of 1 item for every day, but it’s still a good amount – and I was already ahead during January and February, so I’m still on track. I’ve got quite a few skincare products nearing their end right now, so I think April’s empties will be bigger.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Empties | March 2017

  1. stashy says:

    I’ve heard people say good things about Innisfree masks – I’ll have to keep them in mind to try.
    Is that I Love… Winter Berries a limited edition? I hate it when they do that.
    OMG they have a Krispy Creme donut scented candle?!! 😱
    Ooh my March empties fell short too – we’re on similar cycles! Some months will be more, some will be less – I’m sure we’ll net out fine!


    • metababycow says:

      They really are very affordable and enjoyable! Yes – the I Love… Butters were from a gift set I got about 4+ years ago πŸ˜‚ they ought to bring it back! Their limited edition scents are always the best ones 😒
      I can’t help myself from buying bakery scented candles, they just have to come home with me!
      Yes we hit the same number last month! Spooky! We’ll still hit 365 for the year though – I believe in us!


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