I’m Alli, a 25-year-old, masters-degree-wielding, social-media-obsessed beauty junkie who works full time as a marketing co-ordinator to fund my makeup habit.

I’m also the founder and owner of Swatch Perfect – we have the largest selection of custom makeup swatch stencils in the UK (and probably the world!)


I’ve been microblogging since 2009 – first on Tumblr, and more recently via Instagram – but I’ve finally made the leap to a proper, adult, self-hosted online blog.
Yes, I even have my own URL. How fancy.

I’m also addicted to social media – you can find me on pretty much any platform going.
Go on, look me up – if I’m there, I’m @metababycow. My main social links can be found in the footer across this site.

What can you expect to find here?

If you know me from Instagram, you’ll be well aware I’m a beauty blogger with an (arguably) unhealthy obsession for eyeshadow. So expect to find longer-form reviews, brand spotlights, roundups, wishlists, general rants and anything else that would work better with more photos and more writing (Instagram – I’m looking at your character count).

You can also expect to find:

  • an unhealthy eyebrow obsession
  • fangirling over anything duochrome *HEAVY BREATHING*
  • overuse of emojis

Need to contact me directly? Email me at metababycow@gmail.com