I’m Alli, 27, marketer, copywriter, entrepreneur, homeowner, crafter, creator, girlfriend and plant mum 🌱

You might know me as the founder and owner of Swatch Perfect – a company I started back in 2017, and still run solo with some help from my boyfriend. From humble beginnings in a corner of our spare bedroom, it’s grown to be kind of a big deal in the beauty community, selling 1000s of makeup swatch stencils to beauty junkies and makeup brands across 6 continents 🌍


But Swatch Perfect – despite what it might seem – is actually quite a small part of my life, albeit one I’m proud and blessed to be involved with.

I’m also lucky enough to spend 4 days a week as the Marketing Executive at Trimcraft, who own arts & crafts brands Dovecraft, First Edition, Simply Creative, Paper Addicts, Nova, Spiin, Dot & Dab and more. Mostly this means writing packaging and promotional copy, running the social media accounts, creating content for new launches and testing new products – and yes, I do get paid to do arts & crafts 🤷 If that sounds like it’s my dream job, it’s because it is, and I never expected to be working a job so perfect for me at 27 👌

Another big part of my life is my house – my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to be in a position at 25 to buy our first home, and we’ve spent the time since filling our 1950s 3-bed semi with plants and trying to decide what colours to paint all the walls. The first big project has been building our home office/art studio space, but we’ll be redecorating the whole house over the next few years to bring it up to modern standards.

In amongst all that, I’m pretty into cooking, and you can often find me in the kitchen chopping up onions and garlic – with my bargain designer knives – for whatever new recipe we’re trying this week.

I originally started this blog to talk about beauty, but in 2018 I fell out of love with makeup and the consumerism-driven beauty community as a whole, and started diving headfirst into new interests: papercrafts; houseplants; interior design; self-improvement; making my lifestyle more sustainable.

I’m hoping to come back to this blog very soon – after giving it a bit of a facelift – but in the meantime, you can follow my adventures on Twitter and Instagram, as well as my YouTube channel!

Need to contact me directly? Email me at metababycow@gmail.com