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If you know me, you might know that I have several extensive wishlists at any one time. There’s a general home-stuff wishlist; an art supplies wishlist; a skincare wishlist; an eyeshadow palette wishlist… I could go on.
Adding stuff to my wishlist is my way of deciding if I REALLY want it – if it’s on the wishlist for a long time, it’s probably going to become mine eventually. Forgot about it after a week? Girl, you don’t need it.

Today’s wishlist (as you can probably guess from the title) is going to centre around independent makeup brands. I love supporting small businesses, and I love seeking out and collecting unique makeup products – so indie brands are right up my street!

So without further ado – let’s get into the products!

F*ckboy Repellent – Illuminating Makeup Setting Spray by BEE-Q-BOX

The 6 shades – which all have fantastic names like Petty and Stay Mad – are designed for a range of skin tones, so there’s something here for everyone.

The formula includes Witch Hazel, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and Rose Water, alongside lots of other lovely natural ingredients. They’re free from parabens, formaldehyde, pthalates, gluten, alcohol, and silicone, and also cruelty free – so apart from setting my makeup, I feel like these would really make my skin happy too!

They’re $15 each, and come in 2oz glass bottles with a spray nozzle. Each bottle is handmade-to-order, and they have a shelf life of 9-12 months.

Need to repel some f*ckboys? Get your own here

Staple Palette by Give Me Glow Cosmetics

I saw this brand mentioned on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, looked them up, saw this palette, and totally lost my shit. That mustard? A burnt orange? An olive? A purple-burgundy? TWO totally fire shimmers, mixed in with a whole bunch of mattes? Honestly, this palette is what my dream selection of everyday colours would look like – so Staple Palette seems rather apt.

At time of writing, this palette is sold out, but I’m very happy to tell you that this will be a permanent addition to their line! Personally I’m super sick of limited edition palettes and the hype that surrounds them (although that’s best saved for another post) so I really respect this brand for making this permanent. Also, can we just talk about the fact their first palette ever has amazing matte shades?! They’re the hardest to formulate, so props to Give Me Glow for doing such a stellar job!

This palette costs $54 and you get 12 removable pans of eyeshadow – 9 mattes, 1 satin and 2 shimmers. Each shadow weighs 3.5g, so in total you’re getting 42g of product – very generous! The palette is magnetic, and each shadow is labelled with the name (the names are also printed on the palette) so if you like to pop out shades and put them in a palette for travel, you’ll be able to easily put them back in the correct place.

Need to make this YOUR staple palette? Grab one here when it’s back in stock

Sunflower Sweets Serum by Bahi Cosmetics


I think the fact that it’s literally ALWAYS sold out says a lot about this facial serum. That, and the pretty much daily tweets from fans of BAHI with their before and after photos… this stuff’s like magic in a bottle!

Once again I’m fawning over the ingredient list, chock full of cold pressed and unrefined oils:

Vitamin E, Essential Oil, Inophyllum Root, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Grapeseed Oil. 

The long list of effects this product claims include brightening your skin, boosting collagen, minimizing the look of acne, reducing stretch marks, scarring and dark spots, tackling acne bacteria, cleansing the skin, regulating acne, and softening the skin after one use. Uhm… WOW!

If you ever catch it in stock,  you can buy 1/2oz size of this serum for $12.50 (it also comes in 1oz and 2oz sizes).

Need some of this for yourself? Grab it here if it’s in stock

Eyeshadow Stacks by Melt Cosmetics

I think I started lusting after these right after Dark Matter had come out… Now not only do I want Dark Matter and Love Sick, but Radioactive and Rust have also made their way onto my wishlist! I’d probably have ordered them long ago but for the looming threat of the inevitable customs charge…

Rust is top of the list – totally my kind of everyday neutrals. They’re warm toned and super versatile, and I can see myself using them in a huge variety of different looks.

I’m a fun girl at heart, though, so I’d also love to own the Radioactive Stack – these hyper-pigmented neons are unlike anything else I have in my collection!

Love Sick and Dark Matter of course still really appeal to me too… So anyone fancy giving me ยฃ200 to drop on the whole lot? (Didn’t think so)

Melt’s eyeshadow stacks cost between $48 and $58 (the Rust stack has 5 shadows, and the others have 4 – they all contain a mirror) or you can buy individual shadows for $17 each. Most of the shadows are different weights, and vary between 2-3g each.

Need your own stacks or singles? You can buy them here

Single Eyeshadows (especially new Spring Mattes) by Looxi Beauty

I own a few Looxi eyeshadows and highlights, and the formulas are wonderful – smooth, pigmented, buttery, and easy to blend. There’s such a huge catalogue of shimmer, duochrome, satin and matte shades now, I feel like I need a whole new palette to put them in!

The mattes she released this spring are just gorgeous – take a look at these swatches:

Honeybun, Lovestruck and Madly Deeply in particular are right up my alley. She sure knows how to do a collection!

But far from stopping at the mattes, I’m super obsessed with the huge selection of shimmers and duochromes available:

I’ve already got Halo (makes a stunning inner corner highlight), Nova and Berry Sexy – and I’d love to extend my collection further!

Looxi Beauty eyeshadows are all $5 each and each contain 1.3g of product.

Need these in your collection? Check out the full shade range in stock here

Holographic Lip Glosses by Fierce Magenta

I spend (too) many hours surfing Etsy for cool finds – and these were some of the first makeup items I found. There’s a ton of unique lipglosses from this seller,  but my favourites are the duochrome ones (no surprise there).

View this post on Instagram

Ariadne Lip Gloss

A post shared by Fierce Magenta (@fierce.magenta) on

I can’t find the sizes of these listed anywhere, but they cost ยฃ10.90 each (conversion from USD). You can also buy 5 samples of any of their lipsticks and glosses for ยฃ12.38 ($15), which come in at 1-2ml each.

Need some of that holo glow? Get your own here

That’s all for now – thanks for reading!

If you liked this post, be sure to leave a comment and let me know – that way I’ll know to do more posts like this in the future!

2 thoughts on “Indie Makeup | Current Wishlist

  1. stashy says:

    F*ckboy Repellent has an awesome name, that is all!
    Youโ€™ve introduced me to a world of brands I have never heard of! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    All those eye shadowsโ€ฆ drool


    • metababycow says:

      Isn’t it great! ๐Ÿ˜‚ So glad these are new to you! I’m so into independent brands right now – I love supporting small businesses, and you can get some really unique products!


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