Empties | September – October 2017

As the end of 2017 draws ever closer, I’ll fully admit I’m falling behind on my blog posts! I’ve had this box of trash sat in my house for far longer than I’d like – mostly due to pouring all my extra minutes into Swatch Perfect – but I’m hoping to rekindle my blogging motivation and get back into a routine in the near future!

Anyway, enough moaning – let’s get into these empties.



The eagle eyed among you will notice the NYX Butter Glosses aren’t empty – however, I have had them for over 2 years now and they’re starting to separate and go a weird colour in the tube. They’re a great formula and smell like cake, and at this price point I don’t mind replacing them. These are the shades Maple Blondie and Apple Strudel, which are a bit pale for my liking anyway – I also have the shade Creme Brulee, a darker nude pink, which I much prefer on me (and is much newer).

Something else that is a bit too old is the Primark PS… Tinted Lip Oil. They don’t make this any more, and while I enjoyed it for a while, there are much better lip oils out there – the Essence one is more hydrating and much less sticky. This has started to smell like playdough so I’m tossing it!

I totally finished and scraped out the Freedom Brow Pomade in Caramel Brown – this was a daily go-to for me and I really love the formula. I was using this for well over a year and it didn’t try out! The savvy shopper in me is very impressed that I got to use the entire thing. I’ll probably repurchase at some point, but right now I’m trying to use up some of my other brow products.

Lastly I’m all done with the Revlon Colorstay in 180 Sand Beige. At £12.99, this is pretty pricey for a drugstore foundation but well worth it in my opinion – I usually buy my foundations when Superdrug has a 3 for 2 offer on makeup, which does work out considerably cheaper. This foundation is long-lasting, high coverage, easy to blend, and comes in a wide array of shades for different undertones (although sadly there aren’t very many darker shades). I’ve already bought and opened another one, after scraping this bottle out with a spatula…


Personal Care

Mitchum is my go-to brand for deodorant now – they’re a little more expensive than some of the others, but they work SO well. I get mine from Savers (along with my shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, toothpaste, mouthwash… ahem) where they’re never more than £2. The Mitchum Advanced Control 48HR Pure Fresh is a stick deodorant that melts into the skin and keeps you smelling fresh all day. I’m currently using a roll-on from the same brand and will definitely be getting another of these when I run out next.

If you’ve read my empties before you won’t be surprised to see an Arm & Hammer Sensitive Care Toothpaste – I use this brand religiously and they help to keep my teeth white (well, at least a shade close to beige) despite the literal litres of tea I drink daily. I also hate really strong minty toothpastes, so this one is perfect for me.

Gingembre Rouge by Roger & Gallet was a sample from my Feel Unique Pick & Mix – they let you pick 5 samples a month which they send you for £3.95 P&P, which you can then redeem on anything else on the site (well, apart from your next month of Pick & Mix. Cheeky!) It’s a cool way to try perfumes and high-end skincare – and who doesn’t like getting a little treat in the post?! This fragrance was a nice spicy, warming scent but didn’t last super long on my skin so I wouldn’t buy a full size – glad I got to try it though.

Two more staples are my Carex Chocolate Orange Handwash – legit smells like chocolate oranges, and who doesn’t want their hands smelling like sweets – and Makeup Revolution Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner. These are affordable staples and I always have a few backups stashed around my house.



Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Golden Moringa Oil and White Grapefruit & Mimosa Mint Shampoos* were kindly send to me by Herbal Essences so I could try the new line. As to be expected from Herbal Essences, they both smell fantastic – the White Grapefruit was really refreshing – and they both got my hair super clean without drying it out. I’m still working my way through the matching conditioners and would definitely get these again – there are some other scents in the range that sound equally lovely!

I’d never tried OGX before but I picked up the OGX Coconut Water Shampoo and Coconut Milk Conditioner to take on holiday to France with me. We were out there 5 nights and these were more than enough to last me – I ended up finishing them off when we got home. However I’m not sure I saw a difference between these and other cheaper shampoos that I usually go for – although I have seen a Vanilla Chai range that I might have to try out thanks to my obsession with chai spice…

It felt like I was working on finishing the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color Illuminating Oil (now discontinued) for absolutely years, but it was actually only a few months… Even using two pumps on my wet hair, this lasted forever. I really like these oils though, they hydrate my ends but don’t leave my hair oily and they smell really good. I also managed to get every last drop out of the bottle which I really appreciate! I’m using a similar one now, only it’s pink, and smells even better…

I’m a dry shampoo fiend and the fresh scent of the Schwarzkopf Got2b Fresh It Up Dry Shampoo was great – it freshened up my hair, got rid of the grease and made it look (almost) freshly washed again! This comes in a bunch of scents and I’d definitely grab it again if I saw it – I think it’s only available in Primark as I haven’t seen it anywhere else.



Quite a few facial skincare empties this month – I’ve been trying to finish some stuff off, so I hit my goal of empties for the year!

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer has been in my stash for ages but I finally finished it off – yay! This is great if you need a moisturiser to sink in quickly so you can put your makeup on, but it does cause some primers to pill up. I wouldn’t call it a primer – just a moisturiser – but I’m not mad at it!

Another sample from my Feel Unique Pick’N’Mix is the REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream – I took this on holiday with me and I actually really liked it. It wasn’t greasy, hydrated my skin (it was hot AF despite being October) and sat well under SPF. I’d use it again, but if I’m honest, I’m unlikely to purchase something with that high a price tag.

Another Aldi purchase was the Lacura Icellage Night Cream – a great night cream, on the heavier side, but didn’t leave my face greasy. It didn’t help with my spots though, and I’ve since moved on to using oils at night instead (which do!) so I won’t be getting this one again. I would recommend it for more mature or drier skin though.

I constantly rave about and recommend the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm – I mentioned it in my recent skincare routine post – and now I’ve finished this, I’m on my third tub. It’s still helping me remove those pesky blackheads and unsightly blocked pores without damaging my skin. Now if Innisfree will just put me on their PR list so I can have an unlimited supply… just kidding – it’s only £6 a tub!

I couldn’t quite believe how good the Boots Cucumber Eye Gel is for the price – at £1.50, it’s alarmingly close in formula to my favourite The Body Shop Unperfumed Eye Gel (retails at £8). I will say this one isn’t as gentle on the eyes as The Body Shop one, but if you don’t have overly sensitive eyes (like me) this one will be totally fine for you!

I talked about the L’Oreal Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Eye Balm in this post and as it’s now been discontinued, I’m going to stop trawling eBay for it! I used to love it but my tastes have changed and I much prefer some of the other, lighter eye creams I’ve been trying recently.


The Boots Botanics Hydration Burst 3 in 1 Micellar Cleanser (reviewed here) was a great everyday light cleanser – I used it most mornings when I couldn’t be bothered with a proper cleanse at the sink. They’ve since changed the packaging and branding on this line, so while I got mine for £2, it’s now listed at £6.99… Not worth it if you ask me, I’ll be buying Nivea’s over this, especially as there are so many brands bringing out micellar products now.

The L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water (reviewed here) was something I really enjoyed – a light, watery gel moisturiser that sank in quickly and layered well with other products. However, I’ve since changed my skincare routine to incorporate more oils and my skin has really improved, so I’m hesitant to add extra products back into my routine!

The Lacura Icellage Intensive Serum is another Aldi purchase, and I really enjoyed it. This line is fab if you want something affordable that actually works well! I used this almost every day while I had it, and it layered well with other products.

I didn’t use the Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Toner with Aloe Extract every day, but I really enjoyed it when I did. It’s more of a cleansing toner than a hydrating one, so I usually used it when my skin still felt a bit congested after cleansing.


I finished my last freebie pack of the B Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes – I don’t really do wipes, so I just use these to remove swatches. They’re fine, and non-irritating, but nothing to wax lyrical about.

I believe I got the Nature Republic Shea Butter Mask Sheet from Aliexpress – it was suprisingly hydrating actually! Think I might have to order a few more of these dead cheap sheet masks – well, that’s if I ever start remembering to use them regularly…

I always keep a pack of the Pure Handy Wipes in my handbag for when I have an impromptu lipstick swatching session in a shop – getting lipstick all over your sleeve is for amateurs… These come in a pack of 4 for £1. They’re perfect for the job – and they’re small so don’t take up much room.

I’m also giving up on another Konjac Sponge from Aliexpress. There’s usually one in every empties – I’m still loving these and won’t stop using them!


Shower & Bath

Quite a few shower gels this time around!

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel was part of a gift set from last Christmas, and while at first I didn’t enjoy the scent, it really grew on me as I used it. I’m hoping next year to foray a bit more into Lush products – they are a bit more expensive than I’m used to but they do smell really good!

I always have a bunch of random shower gels in my stash – I add them onto Superdrug online orders when they’re on offer, or pick up new ones on trips to Savers. The Imperial Leather Nourishing Shea Butter & Manuka Honey is my favourite one I’ve tried from them so far – the ‘rich, creamy lather’ it claims to create is very accurate. It’s not available on the Superdrug, Boots or Amazon websites but I definitely got mine fairly recently from Savers. Most of the Superdrug Fruity Orange & Satsuma Shower Gel was used by my boyfriend, but I did get to try it out – it’s a fresh, fruity scent that gets you nice and clean. Not bad considering I got it for 75p!

My favourite of all of these is the Salted Caramel Shower & Bath Soak from Superdrug. It’s a super creamy formula that smells exactly like biscuits, which is amazing! And when I say biscuits, I mean custard creams and digestives, not the kind of savoury scones you Americans pour weird beige ‘gravy’ all over… Anyway, I really want another bottle of it – it’s often half price at Superdrug, working out at around £1.50 for 500ml – but it’s currently sold out, so apparently I’m not the only one who loves it…


Wax Melts & Candles

It was my first time trying melts from Bluebellz Wax Works, and they really impressed me! Everything had a strong throw that lasted well, and I’ll definitely be buying more from them. My favourite by far was Waffle Cookie (review here), but Gingerbread and Jelly Glazed Donut (fried dough with a sugary and sweet fruity top note) were great too. Candied Sweet Dip was a fresh, sweet scent, perfect to burn while you’re cleaning. I would highly recommend this indie brand!

Faery Lights Wax Melts is new to me too, and I really enjoyed the little sample baggies I bought – Raspberry Lemonade was super refreshing, and Warm Vanilla Sugar was a really comforting scent (even my boyfriend liked it and he doesn’t like vanilla). Fizzy Sweets is a personal fave and I always buy it when I see it from different vendors! I’ll definitely be getting more from this seller – and they’re local to me too, which is nice.


Clearly I got through a lot of wax these past couple of months – I’ve re-organised it into a new box with different sections and I seem to be getting better at using up half-used packs. That means it’s time for some wax hauling soon…

Frankincense & Myrrh from The Scented Wax Boutique was left over from last Christmas, so I burned the last little bit. This is a very strong scent – it still smelled strong 9 months later – and wasn’t really to my taste, although that’s more down to my nose than the actual quality of the melt, which was very good. I’ll definitely be trying some more from them in the future – I loved their Limoncello scent!

If you really like bakery scents, you should check out Cupcake Chasm. She’s always bringing out new scents and you can tell she’s super passionate about great wax! Apple Pie & Custard Wax Brittle smelled exactly like apple pie and custard – I also hear she’s updated her formula to be EVEN stronger-smelling, so I think I’m going to have to try some of her new scents!

Rum Ripened Raisin Wax Melt Bar was one of my favourites from Dolly’s Candles – this was my second bar and I really liked it. My taste has changed though and I prefer something less sweet and rich, so I’m not sure I’ll be getting it again! I also finished a pack of New York Cheesecake Crunch Rings – these were a bit too sweet for me personally. I do find with this brand that the wax does deteriorate over time, so it’s best used within the first couple months of purchase – not hard to do since they always sell out in 14 seconds during a restock!

Jade Orchid & Lotus Blossom* from Ferrari Lane was super fresh, perfumey and really unique. I love the melts from this brand, they have a fantastic throw that lasts a long time and perform well in any warmer. I need to get some more of their melts!

Salted Bourbon Buttercream from the Rose & Thistle Wax Patisserie smelled good on cold sniff but didn’t have the best throw. I’ve been burning most of my melts in a tea light warmer so maybe that’s what’s causing the issue – I’ll be trying some others from this brand in my electric warmer instead.


I usually get my Yankee Candle melts as gifts or from £1 stores, but I’ve actually started venturing into the shop occasionally – only when they have a sale on! Orange Splash from Yankee Candle was a bit orangey, but I’ve had far better throw from fruity scents from indie brands. Christmas Cookie is one of my favourite scents from them – a sweet, sugary biscuity scent that smells just like Christmas. I have melts, votives and a large candle in this scent – so I must love it!

Home Inspiration is a cheaper line from Yankee Candle which you can find in £1 stores – they have quite a few dupes of scents from the Yankee Candle line. They’re not as strong but they’re still fine for the price (75p for a votive isn’t bad) and Sweet Petals was a light, fresh rose scent which burned well. If you’re into florals, you will really love this – I thought of it as a ‘typical blogger’ scent, although I’m more the ‘make my house smell like a bakery’ kinda gal.

Lastly I finished an entire box of matches. The Original Cook’s Matches are the best – I swear every mum in the UK has a box in her kitchen junk drawer. I couldn’t find these again when I ran out, so I’ve ended up with a pack of 3 from the £1 store – and let me tell you, they are CRAP. Only every 4th match actually burns! I need to chuck mine and get these old faithful ones again.


52 empties

That brings us to 289 for the year – meaning I need to finish 76 products in November and December to reach the goal! 😱

Do you think I will do it? Check back at the beginning of January to find out how I did…

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Products marked with * were provided free for consideration. I was not paid to feature any of the items in this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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