Brija Cosmetics Fall Witches Collection | Eyeshadow Swatches

Welcome back, babes! I’m back with one of my favourite types of posts… A super swatch-heavy one!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Part 1 of my Brija Collection here (part 2 coming soon, I promise…) They recently launched the Fall Witches Collection, and that means I have the entire collection to share with you!

These shadows are available individually (each is linked below) or you can buy the entire collection here – there are also two lipsticks included in the collection. I swatched one on my Instagram here.

The Brija shadow formula is gorgeous – you don’t have to use a primer with them (although I usually like to) and they’re super soft and blendable. There are tons of unique colours and prices start from $3.75 for a small jar – samples are also available.


And what better way to show these off than with the Limited Edition 2017 Hallowe’en release from my brand Swatch Perfect… the Hallowe’en Stencil Kit! Definitely a match made in heaven…


Let The Incense Burn is one of my favourites – a purple-toned grey with strong blue duochrome. I can’t wait to use this in a super dark, glam eye look.


Grounding Energy is the perfect yellow gold – I couldn’t quite believe how amazing this looked when I swatched it! Perfect for pulling together a huge variety of looks.


Spellbound is a beautiful soft shimmery brown/pink shade – perfect for daytime to just add a hint of colour to your lids.


Summon In The Night gives me serious feels, because this is one of my favourite colours – a deep, dark blue-toned matte green with a hint of teal that is super unique to my collection! Green smokey eye anyone?


Sweet Herbal Brew is described as a ‘light pink with strong gold duochrome’. You can’t see the duochrome in the swatch, but it looked completely different when I applied it to my eye, so here’s a bonus shot of it on my eyeball:


Can you believe that’s the same colour? No, me neither. It looks more lavender on my eyes, with an amazing gold shift. Even though this is a bit of a weird one, I think it’s my fave!


The Moon Knows All My Secrets is a really unique one – a very pale yellow-beige with a strong blue/green shift. This would look amazing foiled in the centre of the lid, or as a inner corner highlight.


Where’s the Sage? is a lovely mid-toned green with a silver shift to it. I love greens – this a a great one for everyday wear, as it’s more muted.


Elixir is somewhere between a magenta and a burgundy, with blue, pink and copper glitter. This would be gorgeous as part of an alternative pinky-red smokey eye, paired with a blue highlight!


Amulet is an instant classic – a stunning red-toned copper. With the festive season coming up, I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this shade!


Coven Sisters is my type of shade – a light burgundy with tons of pink sparkle. The Brija website says this works as a blush too – I can tell it would be stunning!


Crystal Altar is another one perfect for everyday – a light mauve-pink with loads of blue shimmers. It would look perfect dusted over the lid for a simple daytime look – or with something dark and smoky for a more glam take on things!


Which is your favourite? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

These shadows were provided to me free of charge as part of Brija Cosmetics’ ambassador program. This post does not contain affiliate links

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