Empties | January 2017


We’re back here again – another month is over (admittedly quite a while ago now), and for the first time ever here on my blog, I’m writing an empties post on a single month. Yes – you read that right – just ONE month of empties! Not two or three – one!

Although – there’s still a grand total of 43 products here. Yup – 43. I think that’s a personal record.

I’ll be honest and say it’s as much of a mystery to me how I used so many things as it is to you. I could say I used a lot of sheet masks, had a lot of almost empty skincare, or that I’m simply a savage candle burner – but in any case, I used more products this month than I thought humanly possible.


Cleansers & Toners

Although the Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity did sting my eyes a little (my eyes are sensitive AF so I’ll let it slide), it really did a stellar job of breaking down all my makeup, and didn’t leave behind an oily film or make my skin dry. I also really appreciated that it was a balm when I took it on trips (namely to Barcelona in November), as I didn’t have to worry about it leaking everywhere. It came with a spatula inside too which is a thoughtful touch – no need for it to be a civilization of face bacteria!

Even better was the Good Things Argan Oil Nourishing Cleansing Oil – I found this in TK Maxx for £3.99. It smelled divine – kinda like a sweet Italian almondy cake, probably due to the almond and macadamia oils. I relished using every last drop of this to take off my makeup at night!

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner really seemed to make a difference to the amount of oil my skin was producing. I bought this as part of a 3 for 2 deal as I was buying two of my favourite eye gels, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I’d buy again, and happily try other things from the same line!

I received a bunch of sample sachets of the Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub + Mask and it really surprised me with how much I’ve enjoyed using them so far! This product would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want a bunch of different skincare products hanging around in their bathroom as it really does make a great wash, scrub AND quick mask. It’s the kind of thing I would buy for my boyfriend, only he refuses to put a single product on his face… well, I tell a lie – I recently gave him a lip balm he uses occasionally.


Moisturisers & Treatments

I was using two sleeping packs and they both ran out within a week of each other – the TooCoolForSchool Pumpkin Sleeping Pack is a favourite (this is my second tube) and although it doesn’t smell like pumpkins, it’s a lovely light-feeling sleeping pack that really locks in moisture overnight. The L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Sleeping-Oil Cream is a lot heavier, but I did enjoy using it regardless. I wouldn’t recommend you use it every night – well, unless your skin is super dry, then it could be great for you!

The B. Refreshed Essence Lotion was the first essence I tried and it’s a fantastic budget-friendly option. It really helps to inject that extra layer of moisture into your skin, especially when used in combination with other products.

I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried from Superdrug’s own skincare lines – and the two products pictured here are no exception. The Naturally Radiant Moisturising Facial Oil was a lovely oil I used daily, morning and night – the only thing that annoyed me about it was it’s impossible to see how much is left in the bottle. It’s slightly more on the greasy side but it does soak into the skin quite quickly. The Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum was a hydrating, light and budget-friendly serum, which helped boost moisture – although it didn’t stand out as a must-repurchase for me personally.


Sheet Masks

Six sheet masks in a month must be a new record for me! I realised I had about 50 in my stash so decided I better start using them more often…

The Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Masks have a great fit and are super hydrating – I used the Manuka Honey, Rice, Black Berry and Shea Butter ones this month, although I can’t say I could tell the difference between them. I have a bunch more to use – they’re a great budget option, especially if you buy in a multipack.

The Mediheal | Line Friends P.D.F A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask had a cute duck on the cheek and was a gift from my brother’s girlfriend Maomao (hi Maomao if you’re reading!) – it stayed damp on my face for ages and I really liked it!

I love anything honey based within skincare – and the packaging of the Honey Beam Mask from W. Lab really stood out to me in the mess of masks at Tk Maxx. I remember liking it a lot – it wasn’t sticky but my skin stayed plump and hydrated for a long time afterwards.



If you read my post on my empties goals for 2017, you’ll have seen I challenged myself to get through all of my body lotions this year. During January I managed to finish 3! A good start for someone who is usually way too lazy to even moisturize at all…

The Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream has a fresh sweet lime scent, which I do like, but I don’t think I’d purchase a full tub (I prefer bakery type scents as a rule). I also used a mini Espa Energizing Body Lotion – this had a peppermint scent I surprisingly enjoyed and this little tube was enough for my entire body. It made my skin super soft too! Lastly I finished the I Love… Glistening Glow Nourishing Body Butter which smelt exactly like battenburg cakes… Yummy. This came in a set of 4 I’ve probably had for about 8 years so it was nice to finally finish one – I’m looking forward to trying the other scents in the set.

I also finished a Soap & Glory Hand Food which had a lovely bakery-type scent – enjoyed using this one! I keep them in my handbag and use them at my desk at work so I get through them quite quickly. Lastly I used a Macadamia Oil Extract Foot Pack – these are my favourite from all the types I have tried and really help to soften my feet.



Just the two makeup empties this month – the Essence Prettifying Lip Oil is a personal favourite I always like to have in my stash, but I do prefer the yellow version. I loved using the Bourjois Air Mat Foundation in Rose Ivory – the fresh fruity scent made it a pleasure to apply, it was easy to blend, long lasting and comfortable to wear. Would purchase again!



I’m on a mission to use up a lot of my perfumes, and this month I finished 3 of them! Admittedly – they weren’t full – but small victories are still victories…

I believe the scent on the left was called Ghost Cherish – I say believe because I can’t find it for sale anywhere, so it must have been discontinued. It was nice – fresh, light, floral – but I’m not fussed about having it again. In the middle is a sample of Chance by Chanel – again, not fussed about this at all, not my kind of scent. Lastly is Ghost Deep Night – a classic, musky deep scent I used to love wearing for nights out! It’s been through the wars, as you can see…



Eagle eyes may notice I scraped out the Bakery Fresh Graham Cracker Crust / Key Lime Pie candle – the wicks ran out but there was a lot of wax left, so I’d hoped to use it in my warmer. Unfortunately when gently heated, not a lot happened! These smell fab when burned though – this is the second one I’ve gone through. The Primark Blue Cedar Fig Candle was OK, but didn’t have much of a noticeable scent – it’s more of a room-freshening candle, which admittedly is nice sometimes.


Wax Melts

At the beginning of January I placed an order with Emily Victoria Candles and I’ve been enjoying fragrancing my house with her little pots of magic all month! Ginger Bread smelt exactly like fresh baked gingerbread, Mulled Wine was a spicy, earthy wine scent, and Christmas Cabin was the perfect christmassy scent! I pretty much want my house to smell like christmas all year round so these were perfect. They last pretty well – they give off a good scent throw for somewhere between 3 and 7 melts, depending on the flavour.



I’m still trying all the different Garnier Ultimate Blends fragrances – The Marvellous Transformer with Argan and Camellia Oils was OK, but there are other ones I prefer (namely Oat Milk!). The Original Source Extreme Wake Up Lemon & Chilli was for my boyfriend and always gets used pretty fast. It’s a great one if you’re still half asleep in the morning!

The Body Shop Pinita Colada was very pineappley and did feel like you were showering in a cocktail, which was surprisingly enjoyable. I don’t usually buy shower products in this price range, but I could tell a difference – my boyfriend helpfully pointed out “it sticks to your skin and doesn’t just drip off into the bath”. He clearly thought it was expensive AF because he stopped using it so he “didn’t use all your fancy shower gel”. Maybe it was too girly for him? In any case, if you fancy feeling like a pineappley coconut cocktail, you will enjoy this very much! Personally it’s not a scent I would choose – but only because I prefer warmer, autumnal scents.

That sad-looking pink thing is another unbranded konjac sponge I finished with – love these for facial exfoliation. I could do with a huge one for my body actually!

Lastly is a Wella Elements Renewing Hair Mask – I bought a kit at my salon in December 2015 that had this in it so I’m glad to have finished it. I don’t really use hair masks – my bathroom is pretty cold so I prefer to get in and out of the shower as fast as possible! I’ve got a few more to use but after that I’ll probably avoid buying hair masks in the future.



I gave up on my Dentalux toothbrush because it was starting to look ragged – just a cheapy one from Lidl, it did the job fine. I finished another tube of my favourite toothpaste – the Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme – and have almost gone through another tube already! The Colgate Triple Action Mouthwash was fine – I bought it because it was the cheapest branded one – the taste wasn’t too offensive and it made my mouth feel a bit cleaner.



The Sure MotionSense Invisible Pure 48h is a repurchase, and a great reliable no-nonsense anti-perspirant. The bottle also seems to last approximately 8 million years. The Right Guard Women Total Defence 5 is nowhere near as good – it doesn’t stop me sweating at all! There was only a bit left in this so I thought I may as well finish it before buying something else.



I’m getting down to the last couple of bottles of this B Beauty Makeup Brush Cleanser – this large size was only £3 for 500ml but it doesn’t seem to be available on the Superdrug site any longer! It was a Christmas set from 2015 though so I guess I can’t be too mad… I’ll sadly have to find a new go-to, because the smaller sizes are too expensive for the rate at which I go through them.

Lastly is something that literally shows up in every empties post I do – the Wilko Maxi Oval Dual Faced Cotton Pads. These are 50p for 50 and a great staple – I use them with toner, micellar water and eye makeup remover.

Grand total: 43 products

I’m very pleased with this month’s progress! It’s fantastic to move 3 perfumes and 3 body lotions out of my collection already – what a good start to the year’s goals.

I don’t think February will be quite as successful – not only is it a shorter month, but I finished quite a bit of skincare this month, so there will be much less of that next month.

Hope you enjoyed reading my empties! If you did a January empties post, link it in the comments below – I’d love to read it!

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4 thoughts on “Empties | January 2017

  1. stashy says:

    So many empties I can’t even begin to comment!
    I’m always astonished when people can finish perfumes… it take me YEARS to finish one! Do you spray more than 1 spritz? Do you re-apply during the day? So many questions! I need to up my perfume wearing game.
    That’s a funny comment from the bf on the The Body Shop Pinita Colada shower gel! XD
    I use a konjac sponge every morning in the shower for my face – so great!
    I was surveying my sheet mask stash and vowed to up my sheet masking frequency – I’m aiming for one a week minimum!
    My January empties total wasn’t as high as yours! Here’s my post if you haven’t seen:

    Liked by 1 person

    • metababycow says:

      I felt a bit mental when I totted up the total 😂 but – more space in my house! To be honest I only buy very small bottles of perfume, I’m quite fickle so tend to get bored of scents. I only apply once a day in the morning, but I do tend to douse myself in it – several sprays on wrists, behind ears, around neck, upper chest and usually all over my shirt. I think that’s because I usually can’t smell it otherwise 😂 I’ve been wearing perfume every day this year and I’m starting to see a little progress on my ridiculous stash. I’m trying to sheet mask at least once a week too! Thanks for leaving your link – love your empties posts! Xxx


  2. Sophia says:

    Omg you need to teach me your ways!! I’m lucky if I finish like 4 products a month hahah. Very keen to try those face masks, and I too loveeee Ghost’s Deep Night fragrance, it’s so musky and warm!! I’m saving my Piñita shower gel because it was LE and I love the scent so much.
    Great job on using all these up tho, you are a woman on a mission :’) xxx


    • metababycow says:

      I think I have an issue!! 😂 Those face masks are so affordable, there’s so much available on amazon and eBay now. Thanks! I really am on a mission. I need the space for those damn eyeshadow palettes! Xxx


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