Empties | November & December 2016

I’m back.. back again.. with my trash.. tell your friends..

After being faced with the horrifying task of photographing and reviewing 3 months of empties earlier this year, I’ve cut it down so I only have to do 2 months this time! Wahoo! Maybe this year I’ll actually do those monthly empties posts so I can remember what the product was like when I come to write about it. Maybe.
The best thing about doing these posts is that I get to throw away all the empty bottles I’ve been hoarding when I’m done. Let’s chuck ’em!


During the last two months of this year, I got through 41 products. According to my questionable maths, I make that one product every 1.5 days. Pretty impressive if you ask me! There’s a good mixture of skincare, shower stuff, home fragrance and a few extra bits too.



Autumnal and wintery scents are my favourite, so you better believe I was burning the hell out of these kinds of scents in November and December! I’m pretty sad though that my two favourites are nowhere to be found.. I guess it’s my fault for always picking up candles in discount stores.

Apple Orchard by Essence was my favourite of these, and had a really strong appley-cinnamon scent with a great throw. It had two wicks and burned really evenly – I found it at B&M for £2.99. This is the closest thing I have found to what I imagine a Bath & Body Works candle to be like – I’ll be on the lookout for more of these!

Pumpkin Pit Stop from Glade was another B&M purchase and was lovely – I also bought one for my mum. It smelled like spicy pumpkin – obviously – and had such a great throw it managed to somehow fragrance my entire flat, even the downstairs landing. I would definitely buy again – if I can find it!

Another Glade candle I burned through was Timeless Joy – Warm Spiced Orange. This was the only scent from their Christmas selection this year I liked the smell of (yes, I am that person you find in discount stores sniffing all the candles. I have zero shame), and it was a simple, fresh orange scent. Not my favourite but my boyfriend said he liked it.

The last thing I burned – or melted, I suppose – was an Air Wick Wax Melt in Mum’s Baking. It came with the electric wax warmer my mum bought me as a moving in gift (along with a couple of candles, which kindled my candle obsession). While it smelled nice, the throw on this wasn’t great, even when I melted all three sticks at once. I’m not sure if that’s a normal wax melt thing, or the actual product – I’ve bought some different wax melts to try out and compare.

You know how candles have that bit on the label that says, “stop burning when 1/4 of the wax is left”?


Yeah, I don’t do that. I totally just leave them burning until the wick blows itself out. I want my money’s worth, goddammit!
Also – can we just appreciate that I remembered to save the cardboard packaging so I could remember what the real names of the candles were instead of making them up?… You’re welcome.


bath stuff.png

I actually took a bath this month (usually I shower) so I took the opportunity to use up something from my hotel stash. Both the Feel Good Formulas Rosemary, Sage & Vitamin E Rejuvenating Spa Bath Soak (for my bath) and the Essentials Skin Softening Bath Foam (for my boyfriend’s bath) made an acceptable amount of bubbles. I also used this Luxury Bath Fizzer I bought a couple of years ago reduced to 25p in Wilkos. It was ok… it fizzed. Not much to say about that really – it’s definitely not in the Lush bomb league.

The Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub smelled so good it actually made me remember to use it – usually I’m terrible with scrubs. It has a sweet maple scent that reminds me of cake, and I love anything that reminds me of cake (duh), so I might even buy a big tub of this.


As far as hair care goes, I’ve only been buying these Garnier Ultimate Blends – they’re only £1.89 at Savers for 400ml, and I’ve enjoyed all of the scents I’ve tried. Also, my boyfriend complimented me on the choice of shampoo because “they make lots of bubbles”, so he must like them too. The Delicate Soother with Rice Cream & Oat Milk has my favourite scent – really creamy, soft and comforting. The other two were fine – I’d probably buy again after I use up my current stash, but the scents didn’t really make a lasting impression on me.


The Original Source Extreme Wake Up in Lemon & Chilli was my boyfriend’s – but obviously I tried it – and is a great scent to wake you up in the morning. I really like the Nivea Caring Shower Creams, which seem to really soften my skin, but I don’t think this Honey scent works as well as the original one does. I did like the scent though!


I got through another tube of my favourite whitening toothpaste, Arm & Hammer Extreme White. I drink a lot of tea so this helps remove staining – also I like that it’s not too minty. I have a load of tubes of this stashed away – I buy loads at once from Savers so I don’t have to pay full RRP when I run out!

I’m throwing out this konjac sponge because I probably don’t replace them often enough – this was heart shaped and great for exfoliating those awkward areas around my nose. I’ll probably buy some more of these! The Wilko Lime & Ginger Fragrance Explosion Face Mask was ok, but I wasn’t into it enough to use the leftover bit in the pot – they’re a bit too large for one application. I’ve got enough face masks to sink a ship so I’m unlikely to buy any more!



The Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser kept me going for ages, and was my favourite morning face wash for a long time. I will definitely repurchase once I’ve depleted my face wash stash!

The Garnier Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner is something I’ve used before and I do like it – it’s cheap and does the job. I liked the Freedom Glycolic Radiance Tonic too – similar to the Pixi Glow Tonic, I used this in the evening to help keep my skin smooth and remove dead cells. I do prefer the Pixi one as I think it works slightly better, but this is a third of the price (£6 vs £18), so it’s a great budget option.


I always have a bottle of Micellar Water on the go – a great multi-use product for cleansing, removing makeup, refreshing skin – and this Garnier one is pretty good. I’d buy again – but only on offer!

I really enjoyed the Pixi Glow Mist while it lasted, both as skincare and setting spray. The spray nozzle creates a fine mist, and the product inside smells nice and hydrates skin well. I’d buy again, but it’s quite expensive, so probably not for a while.

The B. Replenished Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil got me obsessed with using facial oil morning and night – it’s made a huge difference to my skin. I’ve already repurchased, as Superdrug had a half price promotion on all B Skincare products.

The Nivea Q10 Eye Cream was OK, but I had to force myself to use it. It’s light and hydrating, but not as heavily moisturising as I’m used to. I’m pleased I finished it though, as I put it in my informal project pan.


Seems I’ve been slacking in sheet masks – I had a fringe cut in my hair again, and it makes sheet masking a bit awkward, so I’ve got a bit lazy. The Jeju Natural Aloe Mask was okay, but didn’t make a lasting impression. I do have a whole box to use though! The Dr Jart+ Clearing Solution was nice too, and I think it helped to speed up the healing of my acne, but my favourite was the Bombee Honey Mask – I’ve found I really like anything with honey and propolis in, it really adds an injection of moisture into my skin.


I went through more of the Wilko Maxi Oval Dual-Faced Cotton Pads and Primark Oval Cosmetic Pads – these are similar in price and function so the ones I use just depends which shop I happen to go to. There’s also a packet from another konjac sponge from Aliexpress that’s pretty much finished with – this is just a simple round one.



Just the two makeup empties this time – but they’re good ones. The Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer in Light is my favourite high-coverage drugstore concealer, and the Eyeko Skinny Mini Mascara was a no-fuss, clump-resistant, smudge and flake free reliable daily mascara! I’ve already repurchased the concealer and I might consider the mascara once I’ve used some of my current stash.



I finished another bottle of the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser – I bought 5 bottles of this for £2.99 apiece from the Superdrug website earlier this year, and I’m down to my last 2. I’ll buy again if I can get the large bottles for this price – they seem to have disappeared off the website for now!

The B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes were good for removing swatches – which is all I use face wipes for – and I’ve got another 3 packs on their way to me because they were recently on a GWP deal when you buy anything from their skincare line. They’re super soft, and don’t irritate the skin on my arms and hands.

I used another Argan Oil Deep Moisturising Foot Pack. I think the Macadamia version works better but I always get sucked into buying this because it’s argan oil.. I’ll probably get sucked into buying it again too.


Entering the makeup brush graveyard is this incredibly old eyeshadow brush from Superdrug’s own line – I’ve literally had this like 8 years or something ridiculous. I considered keeping it and supergluing it, but I never actually fix anything with superglue, so I’m cutting my losses and letting it go. It was great while it lasted!

I’ve also found 3 nail files I should have gotten rid of a long time ago, so thrown those in here. How long are nail files supposed to last? Does anyone know?


Thanks for coming on another empties journey with me. I hope you enjoyed it!

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