Christmas Gift Guide | Blogger Edition


Do you have a friend who is also a blogger?
Do you need to buy a gift (or five) for said friend?
Are you lacking in ideas for said gifts?

Well you’re in luck. Today’s post should sort you right out!

Just before we begin – pretty much all of these ideas would work for bloggers of any gender, however some individual product links will be aimed particularly at women.


One of the best things about being a blogger is that sometimes, you get to wear pyjamas all day. Trust me, I would know – I’m wearing my pyjamas right now, and it’s 4:04pm. Super thick fluffy pyjamas are my favourite, or go a bit more glam with this starry satin set or these cherry blossom PJs. If they really love being in bed (I mean, who doesn’t?), let them WEAR their duvet with this duvet dressing gown, and keep their tootsies toasty with some cosy slipper boots. Or treat them to some comfy loungewear – it’s essentially the same, just slightly more socially acceptable to pop to Tesco in.

Blogging is a hobby that requires a lot of time spent indoors – so why not cater to that with a lovely home fragrance gift? Yankee candles are always popular, as are Jo Malone, but if you want to spend a little less without compromising on quality, I’d suggest looking to Etsy. This cute gingerbread men candle comes in at £5.50, this prosecco and raspberry one is £7.99, or maybe a bacon candle is more up their street? I’ll leave you to decide if that’s amazing or just plain gross..

The newest trend in home fragrance is wax melts – a little pod of scented wax you pop into a warmer (electric or tealight-powered) which releases scent as it melts. Wax melts are generally very affordable (from £1 each!), highly scented, come in too many flavours to count, and available from many independent sellers, so they’re a great way to support small businesses. Try MeltIt, Wax Addicts, Flamingo Candles or one of the many shops on Etsy!


A very handy gift would be a large-capacity SD card – an impressive 128GB card comes in at £27.99 (Sandisk Ultra 128GB, via Amazon), or you can pick up a 64GB for £17.99 (Sandisk Ultra 64GB, via Amazon). While you’re at it, get them a case to store their cards in – try this 22-slot case for £4.49, which can hold varying sizes of cards, or for more adventurous types, try this 12-slot waterproof rubber sealed case (£8.99).

A new camera strap could also be a thoughtful and useful gift – try this cute, customisable strap (starting at £20.67 + shipping, via Etsy) or add a touch of class with this classic tan leather camera strap (starting at £33.90 + shipping, via Etsy). If you know what camera they use, a spare battery could also be a great gift.

If they don’t have a camera bag (or theirs needs updating) you could treat them to something super fancy like this Herringbone camera messenger bag (£156.58 +shipping, via Etsy) or one of Grafea Leather’s beautiful leather camera bags (from £140, Grafea Leather). Too expensive? Try this cute monogrammed camera bag, which comes in a range of colours (£30.59 + shipping, via Etsy). Too small? Give them room for all their lenses and accessories (and keep them dry) with this padded backpack camera case (£14.99 + shipping, via Amazon).

If your blogger friend takes a lot of photos on their DSLR, or makes videos regularly, then an external hard drive could really come in handy. This Maxtor 1TB hard drive would keep them going for a while – and it’s a steal at £44.15!

A new tripod is on many bloggers’ wishlists – a low-cost option is this Velbon EX-440 tripod, or for passionate videographers, treat them to a Manfrotto tripod like this one, which will help them create smoother pans and tilts when filming.

Phone always running out of battery? A portable charger could be a great gift – they’re widely available now and very affordable. Always on the go, hands full of crazy kids, or do a lot of driving? How about a dictaphone – they can record ideas even if their hands are busy!


Lighting is key to great photography. Ring lights are favoured by beauty bloggers – they create a bright but flattering diffused light, and you can pick one up on Amazon for around £65. Don’t forget to get them a light stand and a diffuser, too. A set of two softboxes, complete with stands, can be bought for around £40, or if they use their phone, opt for a selfie ring light – great for selfies, but can also be attached backwards on their phone for close-up photography, and comes in at less than £8.

Speaking of phone photographers, you could buy them a set of interchangeable lenses designed specifically for smartphones – they’ll have hours of fun messing around with fish eye effects, and it will cost you less than £10.

Every blogger is always on the hunt for a good backdrop. If they shoot a lot of flatlays, food or product photography, try – they stock a variety of designs in both paper and vinyl, at the perfect size for flatlay photography, starting at $7.99 each. For more traditional backdrops, look at discount sites like or Creativity Backgrounds.

My personal favourite low-cost backdrops are pieces of PVC fabric – also known as oilcloth. They’re easy to clean, easy to store, come in tons of patterns, and are super cheap! You could create a great backdrop gift set by finding them a few different patterns you think they’ll love. This is a great option for flatlay addicts, as they only need about a metre of fabric – try marble (from £5.50, via eBay), wood (from £4.76, via eBay) or glitter (from £2.99, via eBay).


Give your blogger friend the gift of knowledge with a crash course in SEO, web design, social media and PR with  The Google Checklist: Marketing Edition 2016 (£4.99 via Amazon), or help them build their personal brand with Branding: In Five and a Half Steps (£20.37, via Amazon).

If they make their own graphics, a bit of inspiration is always helpful – try Book of Ideas – a journal of creative direction and graphic design (£17.99, via Amazon). If you know they’d like to learn, try something like Graphic Design: The New Basics (£17.94, via Amazon), which would be helpful for beginners and pros alike.

If they take photos for their blog, help them get the most out of their camera – buy them a specialist guide written for their own model of camera (if you know what it is!), or for a general technical book, try The Photographer’s Pocket Book (£12.08 via Amazon). For easy-to-digest important technical information combined with the stylistic rules of photography, I really recommend Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs (£9.06, via Amazon). The Busy Girl’s Guide To Digital Photography (£15.58, via Amazon) has a cringeworthy title but has a bunch of positive reviews, or if they like step-by-step tutorials for inspiration, try a project book like 52 Weekend Digital Photo Projects (£13.49, via Amazon).

Did you know there’s a quarterly magazine written for bloggers? Well – there is! Blogosphere Magazine contains blogging tips, interviews with successful bloggers, and guest posts from bloggers on all kinds of topics. You can buy back issues or a yearly subscription on the Blogosphere website.


Some pretty stationery is always a hit with people who spend a lot of time writing things down – it also makes a blogger’s desk a more inviting place to work! My favourite places to shop for stationery include Etsy, Paperchase, Aliexpress and Wilko.

Etsy is a fantastic place to shop if you want to purchase something unique and support small businesses at the same time. I recently discovered Nikkistrange, who designs and makes various printed accessories and stationery – my picks from here would be the A4 Weekly Planners (£11.50, 2 designs) as well as the gorgeous and unique notebooks – every design from stars through leaves to jellyfish (starting at £4.99, bundles starting at £10 for 3).

Looking for something kooky and unusual? How about mocha scented paperclips (£2.95 at PaperDucks), or – for the blogger who has everything – a Papergang subscription, where they will recieve a box of paper goodies every month (starting at £9.95 + shipping for a one-off box).

Stationery brand Dot Creates have designed a great 12-month blog planner (Dot Creates, £12.50), which includes content pages, a stats recorder, and much more – and because the planner isn’t dated, it can be started any time, so it’s a great gift at any point in the year!

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, you can’t get much better than Aliexpress. The prices do reflect what can be a long wait (between 2 to 6 weeks for delivery) so if you’re not the most organised – or patient – person, I’d recommend sticking with one of the above suggestions. With that said, items from Aliexpress I’m currently lusting after include this gold washi tape (starting at £1.08 per roll, via Aliexpress), these watercolour sticky notes (67p per pack, via Aliexpress), and these lovely journals with printed coloured pages (starting at £8.33, via Aliexpress).

I hope that gave you some great ideas for some gifts!
Now – I’m off to buy some of these for myself… #treatyoself

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